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We are proud to offer the finest fiberglass pools manufactured today—Viking Pools—factory direct to you. Every Viking pool is made from the highest-grade fiberglass and ceramic materials. And we have the pool installation experience, expertise and know-how to make your project a success.

Durable and resistant to bacteria and algae, fiberglass pools are a safe and long-lasting alternative to traditional concrete pools. Unlike concrete pools, fiberglass pools do not require periodic resurfacing. This means that you pay less in maintenance costs throughout the life of your pool.

You can expect your fiberglass pool to last at least 25 years. While concrete pools may last longer, they require resurfacing at least every 10 years—an expensive and time-consuming process.

Due to the nature of the materials, it’s not a good idea to completely drain your fiberglass pool. However, you can partially drain it while you perform cleaning or maintenance on your pool. If your pool does need maintenance that will require the pool to be drained, contact a professional to make sure it’s done correctly.

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At C2 Pools, we are proud to offer award-winning Viking fiberglass pools, which are widely considered the finest fiberglass pools manufactured today. And because we are able to order them factory direct, we're able to save you time and money by cutting out the middle man. 

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